"Costume design is the art of expressing a character through the way they are dressed so the audience knows who they are."

At Laurie Haluska Design Studio, we take this idea and expand it beyond the world of entertainment and performing arts and into the world of our daily lives. Drawing on her 33 year career in professional costuming for theater, film, television, industrials, general entertainment, competition sports and other special events, our designer, Laurie Rudd Haluska, turns into her heart to create clothing that expresses a person's true essence and beauty. Inspiried by her fascination for fashion history, in 1999 she launched her bridal collection "Kathryn & Alexandra" through which custom gowns are created that bring a bride's dreams to life; gowns that express the essence of the bride's heart and soul.

Today, the idea born with that first collection is expanding beyond gowns for special events, into creating unique, comfortable daywear that carries and expresses an essence or light from deep within the heart reflecting the truth that each person can, through the way they dress, reveal the unique quality and beauty they bring to the world.


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